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Raleigh Police Department

Improvement of Data Analysis with Informer Dashboards

Raleigh PD’s Pain Points

  • Limited ability to visualize data to protect community
  • Considerable time spent writing programs for simple reports
  • IT staff overburdened with extracting information

Raleigh PD’s Results

  • Role-specific, individualized reports constructed quickly and easily
  • Increased performance of officers with access to timely data
  • Trends identified and resources allocated to improve safety

With Informer, the Raleigh Police Department has seen an increased amount of information made readily available.

Karen Whitlow, Raleigh Police Department

Identify Trends with Informer

Raleigh Police Department uses Informer to visualize key crime information and identify trends. If you want to determine where police resources are needed, then book your demo of Informer, the top-rated business intelligence platform.


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