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PFW Improves Workflow Efficiency and Registration Ease of Use with Entrinsik Enrole

Before Enrole, staff in the training outreach department of University – Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW) were facing daily workflow challenges using an older server-based system for course registration management. “The software was very outdated and the furthest thing from user friendly,” said Melissa Kurten, Director of Training Outreach at PFW. “The system was also not compliant with our security regulations.”

The online cart created through the old system was hard to use both for staff and self-registering students, with no way to improve usability or the look of the site in the way staff wanted. Reporting within the old system was also very limited, with canned reports leaving no option for customization and creation of new reports was performed by the software company for an additional charge.

With a limited number of departmental staff, PFW knew they needed a more efficient way to manage registrations and improve daily workflow, and they began the search for a new solution.

Employees at PFW knew they needed a better, more user-friendly solution. “We were hoping to find a solution that would increase workflow efficiency, streamline the data information channel, and allow for an easier registration process for the online end user,” said Melinda Conley, Marketing Director at PFW. Staff also needed a solution that would offer more customizable, advanced reporting abilities and a cloud-based, easy to use interface.

Through the recommendation of another University who had tried Enrole, PFW set up a demonstration and were soon implementing the solution. “The University was beyond excited to share the recommendation with us and highly endorse the company, staff, and product as leaps and bounds above the competition. After getting in touch with Entrinsik, our decision was clear. Enrole was by far the best choice for our department. The features of Enrole that PFW particularly loved were the availability of discount codes, an easier and real-time registration process for the end user, the customized training portal, the advanced customization control for reporting features, and especially the clickable, hyperlinked Dashboards.

PFW had an aggressive timeline for implementation and worked alongside Entrinsik staff and the governing Purdue team to be up and running well within the required timeline. “Entrinsik was great during the implementation process,” said Conley. “They worked with us on our short deadlines and had us completely setup and ready to go in almost no time.”

Managing registrations and internal workflows have changed completely for staff at PFW since implementing Enrole. Staff now has a completely web-based, hosted software that takes minimal time to learn and is easy to maintain. For the ITS department, Enrole meant better PCI and security compliance including password strength requirements and integrations with TouchNet and SAP. For end-user staff, all the new features meant improved efficiency and productivity. Completely customizable registration pages allowed for brand control and an easier registration process for self-registering students.

“We are only in our first semester of using the Enrole product, but we have already experienced improved efficiency as more end users are able to easily register themselves via the external shopping cart, meaning less work for our staff,” said Kurten. “The Sales Desk dashboard has also dramatically improved the entire team’s awareness of upcoming sessions and seating availabilities, recent orders, etc. The dashboard is an excellent, time-saving tool to monitor daily and weekly activity without having to run reports.” Consistently updated online learning tools also allow staff to look up any feature or capability within Enrole for a simpler training experience.

With Enrole’s integrated reporting tool, PFW can now view and report on all their pertinent real-time data and assist with marketing efforts. Before Enrole, reporting capabilities were limited with only premade canned reports available to users. Now, staff can create and customize their own reports quickly and easily, managing up-to-the-minute information including budgets, costs, and student demographics. The marketing department can access more student and course information for better audience targeting, and event-triggered automation makes emailing directly within Enrole a breeze.

With users in multiple departments including Training Outreach, Enrole allowed staff at PFW to gain a truly simple yet efficient way of managing daily workflows and student registrations. With the integrated portals and advanced reporting/visualization tool, Enrole offered the complete solution that staff at PFW needed. “I would most definitely recommend Enrole to other organizations, and in fact I already have. The product itself and the customer service is just wonderful,” said Conley.

We also use Entrinsik’s Enrole and have been using it for the past 3 years. It integrates well with TouchNet and is very user friendly for both our staff and students registering online. Since we began using Enrole, our online orders have increased by at least 50%, which allows our team to spend more time working on other projects. I echo all of Christine’s [Anderson from University of Southern Maine] comments about the Entrinsik team and their high level of customer service! Melissa Kurten Director of Training Outreach Purdue University Fort Wayne
Melissa Kurten Purdue University Fort Wayne
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