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Purdue University, Fort Wayne

Improves Workflow Efficiency and Registration Ease of Use with Enrole

PFW’s Pain Points

  • Previous system was unfriendly to both staff and students
  • Limited reporting with extra costs related to it
  • Server-based system was limited and inefficient

PFW’s Results

  • Completely web-based software that is efficient and easy to maintain
  • Easier registration process for self-registering students
  • Staff can easily create their own up-to-date reports

The Salesdesk dashboard has drastically improved the entire team’s awareness of upcoming sessions and seating availabilities, recent orders, etc

Melissa Kurten, Director of Training Outreach

Stats at a Glance

PFW utilizes quick stats and information to help them know what is happening without having to go to multiple different screens. To learn more on making data-driven decisions, book your demo of Enrole Registration Management software.


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