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Online Registration & Automated Processes Enabled Quick Transitions During COVID-19

The Continuing Education and Career Services staff of 4 at Kankakee Community College serve roughly 4,000 students per term. They have been with Enrole since July 2019, and their programming includes: Kids Camps, Personal & Professional Development, Lifelong Learning, and Driver Improvement Programs.

Prior to life with Enrole, “Our former enrollment software was hard to navigate for both our staff and customers, and resulted in over 90% of our registrations being done manually”, said Mary Posing, Assistant Dean of Continuing Education & Career Services. “The software was designed for the credit side of the college, which posed significant challenges for non-credit departments. The shopping cart was incredibly hard to navigate for customers, which resulted in the vast majority registering via phone, mail, or as walk-ins.” With most of their registrations occurring manually, tracking enrollments and monitoring classes was also a manual process. As for their programming staff, entering course and session information was a time consuming process, as they went to multiple screens within the system and the ability to copy courses and sessions was non-existent.

A Kankakee CC IT staff member, who also runs Entrinsik’s Informer, learned about Enrole and scheduled a demo. The key criteria for their software search included:

  • User-friendliness of the software for both staff and constituents
  • Ease of course and session creation
  • Ability to clone previous courses or sessions
  • Simple online registration and payment processing for their customers

In contrast to their previous solution, Enrole was specifically designed to manage their continuing education business. The shopping cart was designed to make the shopping experience simple and as efficient as possible with Amazon style upsell for similar classes.

From the time they signed a contract until they went live, they had weekly implementation meetings with a project manager. “The weekly meetings were helpful because we were able to start thinking about our processes, so we could have a plan going into training”, says Posing.

“We had 3 days of intensive training with handouts by the Enrole trainers. After training, we utilized those materials and the Enrole Knowledge Center for how-to documents. We kept on with our group meetings between training and go live, so we could ask our final questions and finalize our plan”. Within a month of training, they went live for the fall semester.

Naturally, the program and the registration staff members have favorite Enrole features that allow them to streamline their day. Posing says, “The programming staffs’ most favorite feature is the sales desk. Quickly, we can see who has registered, what course is coming up, and when. As for the registration staff, they are delighted their customers can self-register, and that they can apply discounts and coupon codes. With the canned reports you can view all your data and slice it 7 ways to Sunday. We love the reports, and we’ve only had to create a few more.”

Since going live with Enrole in July 2019, the Kankakee Community College Continuing Education department has experienced some incredible benefits in terms of costs and time savings. Manual processes impacted the time it to process registrations and track courses. “I am going to turn 1 FTE into a part-time marketing position to oversee mailing lists, social media, and copywriting instead of a full-time registration position.” Posing noted, “We’re so much more efficient that we can now focus efforts on campaigns to drive enrollment.”

With Enrole, they were able to convert one of their largest paper & pencil programs (driver improvement class) completely online in Enrole. In the past, participants would call or mail in their form, which was  time-consuming and cumbersome. By enabling their participants to register online, they saw a 50% reduction to  their time to manage and maintain this weekly program. Further savings were realized by automating the process of distributing certificates upon successful completion of this program, which also reduced their printing costs. “We’ve saved loads of time and money on this one program. If they happen to lose the email with the certificate, they can reprint or download from their order history.”

Before Enrole, registration was done manually more than 90% of the time. While numbers are down currently due to COVID, the importance of online registration has never been more important to the success of KCC. In their first year, they have already seen over a 50% increase in online registration. Posing stated “Our Lifelong Learning Program is likely our biggest users of the system. They no longer want to mail in their registrations because they really like using the new technology.”

“We absolutely love Enrole and will continue to recommend it to other schools. It’s user-friendly, and a very powerful tool. We are always very open with how much we like this software, and the support we’ve

received from the Enrole team.” Posing continued, “When COVID-19 happened, we had a cloud-based system that we could easily transition from the office to our home office. It was really no different than being on campus. With our old system that would not have been the experience!”


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