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Northwestern Health Sciences University

From Rabbit Holes to Time and Cost Saving Efficiencies

NWHealth’s Pain Points

  • Previous customized solution was hard to maintain and support
  • The registration process was not fully online
  • Supplementary software required manual processing

NWHealth’s Results

  • Course registration is fully online
  • Students can register with minimal staff involvement
  • New solution is customized to specific needs while addressing past issues

The flexibility of the product, the knowledge of the staff to support our needs, and the budget was the combination we needed.

Jenny Bell Yamoor, Continuing Education Manager

It’s a Win-Win-Win!

NWHealth found the winning combination. With several staff having Continuing Education experience, we know what you need to efficiently run your business. To learn how Enrole can bring the same benefits to your department, then book your demo of Enrole Registration Management software.


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