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North Iowa Area Community College

Self-Service Reporting with Informer Optimizes Decision-Making

NIACC’s Pain Points

  • Lack of user-friendly reporting and overdependence on IT
  • Data only accessible through pre-configured views
  • Difficult to find answers and make decisions with data

NIACC’s Results

  • Ability to deliver up-to-date data to support business decisions
  • Dashboards created to retain more students
  • Campus-wide adoption of true self-service reporting

The college is pretty excited with what we’ve been able to deliver so far with Informer.

Greg Bailey, North Iowa Area Community College

Improve Retention Efforts

Users at North Iowa Area Community College create Dashboards to evaluate the impact of their retention strategy. If you are looking to retain students more effectively, then book your demo of Informer, the top-rated business intelligence platform.


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