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From Rabbit Holes to Time and Cost Saving Efficiencies at Northwestern Health Sciences University

Conversation with Jenny Bell Yamoor, CE Dept. Manager, Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Prior to Enrole we were handling registration and course management with an integrated SIS. It was designed for academic programs, but we were able to customize it to work for Continuing Ed back in 2004. Due to budget restraints and those customizations, it was difficult to maintain and support. We had to lean on our internal IT group for that support, but the system was never able to offer us a fully online registration process. It had many “rabbit holes” to fall into, and the only real registrations were for our online courses. For our classroom programs, we used another web-based tool which was also manually supported and very inefficient for us. We had to register all of our students because it was an internally created API that was also difficult to maintain, especially after the person who created it left the University.

We wanted to offer a better online registration experience for our customers. We also wanted real-time registration and to automate our online courses, so we did not have to manually enter the grades. Both were accomplished when we switched to Enrole. The entire CE team relies on Enrole on a daily basis, our dean uses reporting, and our accounting team uses the data to manage our revenue. Chad Johnson, our CIO heard about Enrole and invited Entrinsik to do a demonstration for us. The flexibility of the product, the knowledge of the staff to support our needs, and the budget was the combination we needed.

Implementation and roll out went surprising fast and really well. I expected more hurdles because our business is filled with challenging transcripts and complex data management needs. The Entrinsik team was able to deal with all our past issues and customize Enrole to meet those specific needs. We launched the product and went live within 5 months of starting the search process!

The main feature of Enrole all of us like is the online shopping cart. Registration has greatly improved for our customers, they can easily sign up for courses anytime of the day or night. After working through some of the fine points there may be a few minor tweaks, but we already notice a huge time saving in running our larger conferences. We no longer need to monitor our email box for registrations from our customers or wait for them to complete online courses for transcripts. Nor do our customers have to call us constantly, that’s a great result when they can serve themselves. We achieved savings in both costs and time.

The Enrole team from Entrinsik is very experienced in supporting us. Matt has been a huge asset to our department. Every time I think we’ve found an unsolvable problem, I am pleasantly surprised that is it something he can do for us. They all know their product and understand how it can be utilized to meet our business needs, so we would definitely recommend Enrole to others.

Informer is currently our reporting solution of choice to the near exclusion of any other tools, thus helping us reduce licensing costs and user training issues... we see Informer as being the primary front-end for reporting as it can access data across both relational and MultiValue databases.
Douglas Hedges Atlantic Cape Community College
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