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Enrole software delivers critical functionality for ISD728 Community Education in Minnesota to adopt best practices

ISD728 Community Education in Minnesota has 23 staff working in different capacities, such as admin and reporting, registration, customer service and course managers. They serve approximately 17,000 registrations per year. “Prior to Enrole, we purchased software 10 years ago and it didn’t work as we needed.” said Cory Franson, Director of Community Engagement at ISD728 Community Education in Minnesota. Besides having an old DOS look, he soon realized the software was lacking in all the fundamentals recommended to adopt best practices. Tired of searching for workarounds to functionality missing in the system and paying to modify the simplest of things, Cory and his team started searching for the ideal replacement 6 years ago. Until last year, they still had not found the right software that met their features and price criteria.

At the LERN conference in New Orleans, Cory and his coworkers discovered Entrinsik’s Enrole system which is made for all types of non-credit programs. Based on the answers to his qualification questions, he realized Enrole might be a good fit. However, coworkers were skeptical until they gathered to review the answers back at their office and realized Enrole was exactly what they needed. They crossed off every question and desired function from a 10-year wish list, and it was affordable! They felt it must be too good to be true. According to Franson, “During implementation, we were impressed with Enrole’s entire team and customer service. We received updates every step of the way. Entrinsik’s staff set their expectations incredibly well. We were so pleased, it was fantastic! We received initial training on the new system in hourly meetings every 2 weeks. These learning chunks allowed us time to digest what we needed to do and take decisions back to our team. During onsite training, expectations of our staff were set again. The 3-day training was intense and structured in a way that made sense — each day built onto the next. The training was designed to include certain people at certain times and identify champions to be ‘trained trainers’ during the learning curve after Entrinsik left. Within 3 weeks we learned enough to get us running and we continue to learn. We could not be more positive about the rollout. Yes, our staff was anxious, but we so wanted to succeed. It went so smoothly. Simone predicted during training we were holding onto certain manual tasks that would not be necessary and she was right. We learned that very quickly!” “We love the search feature by keyword, calendar and instructor, and the way the online registration flows so easily for our consumers. It seems like such a simple thing to get excited about but this functionality was lacking previously. The system works and looks like a website should, just like Amazon and Target. It’s familiar and trendy. And, it’s updated by us which is essential! We really like Enrole’s cool features such as the similar classes Amazon upsells, and the ability to tie different resources to a course such as PDF’s, images, videos, maps, instructors and facilities, so every time we offer the course, the work is already done.” said Franson. He continues, “We use Tasks as suggested, as an hourly inhouse workflow tool. Course managers design a class, pass it to get a facility assigned, forward it to get proofed, and then pass to marketing for pictures, etc. Customization by us is simplified with user defined fields. The staff is on cloud 9.” “I use the reporting frequently, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Enrole uses real words so I can make reports easily. What used to take a week is done almost instantly now that I have the hang of the database structure. It’s so liberating that the entire flexible package of registration and reporting has freed us from our previous ball and chain.” says Franson.

Prior to Enrole, ISD728 Community Education in Minnesota had to constantly perform dual entry. They created everything in Google Sheets and two staff would reenter information into the old system. They thought they would still need to use Google Docs, but they didn’t. In just the first 2 weeks, online enrollment by their customers increased dramatically. Previously they needed a pop-up webchat which their staff monitored all day to help people self-enroll. Now staff members have people using the chat to tell them how easy and awesome registration is! As well as Director of Community Education for ISD728, and Director of Community Engagement, Franson is also on the MCEA board and frequently presents to other Minnesota institutions the importance of using data and the type of statistics they should be evaluating. He now has this data at his fingertips and can collect any data for any type of class to have better demographic insight. He has received many comments on his fabulous looking registration pages and is so pleased to be using the right software straight out of the box.

We are still praising our amazing new software to everyone!!! It has changed our way of business. Our IT staff says we are the happiest department that they have ever worked with for a software conversion. Offering early bird discounts increased early registrations. (It’s amazing how saving $10 motivates people.) We actually knew there were enough registrations for our CEU seminars two-four weeks before the seminars were scheduled.
Deb Hoyer-Denson Kankakee Community College
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