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Ease of use efficiencies and accuracy of data, give University of Southern Maine staff more time for great customer service

Prior to going live on Enrole in July 2017, the staff at University of Southern Maine Professional & Continuing Education in Portland, ME were facing issues with a hard-to-use and temperamental system. “Our previous system did not work well for us. The system was clunky and not user-friendly when processing registrations or refunds”, said Christie Anderson, Assistant Director of Professional Development. To add to their frustration during their big OLLI registration days, they had to worry about volume issues. “During the high-volume times, the old system could not keep up, and lots of updates were required to registrations afterwards”, said Rob Hyssong OLLI Program Coordinator, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). “We were embarrassed not only because of volume issues but mixed up records. It would normally take our staff of 8 people about 2 weeks to clean up the records”.

When they began the search for a new software solution, there was a list of capabilities and features that were very important to them and their business processes. The new software had to be user-friendly and straight forward for their customers to self-enroll. In addition, the internal staff, needed to improve efficiencies in work processes, such as registrations, refunds and transfers. To that end, being able to report on their classes and revenue, as well as exporting their reports to a live excel format, was a great welcome as reporting was not an easy feat in their previous system.

Based on the demo the OLLI staff received, they knew they also wanted to take advantage of the Enrole Client Portal to easily track their custom trainings alongside their regular sessions. Having their conferences, class registrations and memberships in one place was exactly what they needed. During the demo they were impressed with Entrinsik’s honesty and knowledge shown by understanding real life scenarios.

They wanted to go live with their new software as quickly as possible. Entrinsik was very accommodating. Implementation went very smoothly. Everything was planned sequentially, explained clearly and although intense, it was structured in a way that was logical and didn’t leave their staff with jelly brain. When they asked about the anticipated date to “go live”, they were surprised and excited with the response, “we can go as fast as you can”. That was true because just 3 weeks after training, they were live.

In supporting the affiliate companies they work with, Anderson believes that the biggest impact Enrole has made is in the turnaround time in enrollments, invoicing, and the accuracy of records. She is able to provide better customer service and can spend more time on other projects. The ability to easily process in-house and online registrations, refunds and transfers has saved her tremendous time. Anderson said, “They think the great customer service is all me, and I let them think that”.

According to Hyssong, “Hundreds of staff hours have been saved with Enrole being able to handle the high volume of our OLLI registration days. Not only can our participants enroll themselves online and see their registration history, but we don’t have to clean up inaccurate records. We’re saving 100’s of hours because it’s efficient, accurate and error free”. While some results can be difficult to pinpoint in such a short time of usage, because their business is so cyclical, their winter term finished on a high note with revenue up, and staff much happier.

Hyssong and Anderson agreed that “When we needed a quick implementation, Entrinsik stepped up to the plate, and also took the time to explain there may be some drawbacks, identified what they could be, and how we could prevent them. Dealing with Entrinsik and their Enrole staff has been a pleasant experience all around. All the Entrinsik staff are knowledgeable, straightforward, and they are honest. We never get the feeling that we are an imposition, they have energy, and we feel like they want us as their customer. Highly recommended!”

During our original implementation of Enrole we were in a time crunch, within 3 weeks we were trained and had completed implementation. We have found Enrole user friendly for both ourselves and our customers. The staff at Entrinsik are perhaps their greatest asset. They are knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions.
Christie Anderson University of Southern Maine
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