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Central Oregon Community College

Before Enrole – 77% could not register online!

COCC’s Pain Points

  • Highly manual process which was confusing for users
  • Classes were cancelled due to low enrollment
  • Refunds were costly and involved three different departments

COCC’s Results

  • Online registration is up by at least 60.2%
  • Scheduled weekly reports replaced manually updated spreadsheets
  • Refunds are issued directly and manual refunds are dramatically reduced

The initial outlay and setup saved staff hours for business development, class analysis, and ultimately saved us money in the long run.

Stephen Newcombe, Continuing Education Operations Manager

Simple Setup for Long-Term Savings

COCC took full advantage of the simple setup of Enrole to save tons of staff hours in the long run. To learn about other ways Enrole can help you save time and money, book your demo of Enrole Registration Management software.


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