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California Lutheran University

From Disjointed Data to a Data-Driven Campus with Informer

Pain Points

  • Continuity Gaps
  • Cumbersome Processes
  • Lack of a Single Source of Truth


  • Achieved Data Governance
  • Data-Driven Culture
  • Integrated Platform
  • Improved Communication
  • Sustainable Scalability

It (Informer) lets me just focus on the business needs of the organization and meeting the
requirements of the users.

Kajal Phabiani, Analyst, California Lutheran University

Digitally Transform the Collegiate Experience

California Lutheran University is on a digital transformation journey and established a benchmark for leveraging data to enrich the collegiate experience and operational efficiency. If you’d like to take your own digital transformation journey, then book your demo of Informer, the top-rated business intelligence platform.


California Lutheran University’s Journey: Disjointed Data to Data-Driven


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