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An Optimized Online Registration User Experience at University of the Arts

University of the Arts is a visual and performing arts school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A staff of 8 at the School of Critical and Professional Studies serve roughly 1,000 students of all ages per year. Their programs include: contining education courses and certificates, pre-college programs: Saturday School (grades 9-12), Saturday Arts Lab (grades 1-8), graduate-level non-matriculated coursework for in-service K-12 teachers with one summer program specifically for Music Educators.

For 11 years, they were using an older software that was nearing end of life, which was not a very extensive product. With a small IT department for the university, it was a challenge to find the manpower or funding to support their department. “The system was very old looking, and didn’t give our customers an opportunity to retain a profile in the online cart when they could return to register for a new class”, says Sheila Watts, Associate Dean of the School of Critical and Professional Studies. “We know it had a negative impact on our business, but we’re just not sure of the extent.” Over time they noticed a decrease in registration numbers, but without analytics on who abandoned their cart and when, there was no way to tell the full extent. On their previous product, they had a 45% online registration rate.

The University of the Arts has been an Entrinsik Informer customer since 2010, and heard about Enrole from the Informer team. Once they decided to start considering their options, they did their online due diligence and ultimately scheduled a demo. They wanted to give their customers:

• A much easier experience when registering for their classes
• An online profile where they could login to create or update contact information
• A shopping experience that was mobile friendly

In contrast to their previous solution, Enrole was specifically designed to manage their continuing education business. The shopping cart was designed to make the shopping experience simple and as efficient as possible, which ultimately addresses their concerns.
“Enrole was very easy to implement,” says Watts. “The weekly calls and meetings with our project manager were very helpful, as we had things to do before training. By the time training rolled around, our staff learned everything they needed to run our business. Our staff is very appreciative to the Enrole team for doing everything they did to help troubleshoot our questions. We were able to go live within 3.5 months.

Since University of the Arts went live with Enrole, the staff have noted that they are spending 3 less hours per week fielding registration calls, as 60% of their registrations are completed online. “Staff are using their time to better help their customers, especially now when they don’t have to say, sorry this is a known issue with the system”, says Watts. In addition to an improved user experience, our staff are very satisfied with our new software. The time needed to maintain courses has decreased, as they can automate receipts, confirmation emails, and invoices. Previously these were managed in a different software to their registrations. Watts stated. “We would absolutely continue to recommend Enrole to other similar institutions.”


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