Operational Business Intelligence Awards from Entrinsik

Posted on February 1st 2012

Operational BI Awards From Entrinsik

Business is a large word for an intimate concept. People gather in offices, over conference calls and virtual meetings to share passion, ideas and everything they trust and love. Separation between work, family, community and passion dissolve on Facebook, Twitter and the millions of web pages and sites going live daily. Scarcity is now replaced by overwhelming abundance and creates new complications for business and in life.

Scarcity requires regulation and secret sources,  abundance needs curation and filters to make better business decisions. Better business decisions help increase revenue or help saving costs.  Never before has there been a more important or harder in this competeitive, fast and furious Internet-enabled time.

Business Intelligence experts know all about overwhelming abundance.  For years, end users and IT professionals alike have been trying to determine how to manage an ever increasing amount of data. In 1965, Gordon Moore’s “Law” observed that the magic math of integrated circuits, computers would become more powerful even as costs drop; the need for business intelligence wizards was implied if not fully understood.

Business Intelligence wizards knit data together using tools such as Entrinsik’s Informer to create a new data democracy, a democracy of purpose. Data is as cold and misunderstood a word as “business”. Data as preference, efficiency, connection and truth is Merlin’s wand for business intelligence experts, Chief Executive Officers and small business owners. Even the term “business intelligence experts” is a misnomer because BI needs are so great – the needs exist in nonprofits, educational institutions, manufacturing plants, IT, Sales, marketing, maintenance and just about anywhere data exists (and that is increasingly everywhere) and that means that EVERYONE must be an “expert.”

We all use a lot of data each day, but there are a special set of business intelligence warriors who brave long nights searching for well hidden truths inside an ever increasing mountain of information. Stalwart business intelligence champions form critical lines of defense; a tiny army holding a line between profit and purpose, cost and measurement. BI experts create success, sustainability and advantage from a new generation of tools, intuition and special skill, talent, experience and perspective.

Entrinsik is dedicated to new and often unsung BI Heroes. Business Intelligence heroes mine solutions and gold from rocky, steep mountains. These special creative data miners brave confusion, misinterpretation and BI processes so organic they shift under foot. Operational heroes have a common trait – BI experts don’t give up, they never give up.

Finding new BI truths requires special determination, an unflinching desire to find, share and learn all over again. Titles and job descriptions include words such as “analysts”, “supervisors” or “managers”, but real purpose is a mountain climbing guide and trusted BI companion. Entrinsik’s Annual Business Intelligence Awards recognizes these special, determined operational truth seekers with well-earned recognition, appreciation and an admiration only a fellow traveler can fully understand or share.

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Awarded at Entrinsik’s Informer ICON 2012 Conference

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