Beverage and Brewing

Reporting and Data Visualization for the Brewing and Beverage Industry

Improve Your Operational Efficiency with Data

Create a Single Source of Truth 

Brewing and Beverage has become one of the most competitive industries in the world. Efficient information management, including utilizing key performance indicators (KPIs), can be the difference between record profits and struggling to make payroll. The best-run companies, whether they be breweries, wineries, distilleries, or distributors, leverage all their data in one place to make informed decisions. Informer becomes the single source of truth that connects all your data and provides prebuilt dashboards and KPI tracking so users can begin making informed decisions.

Unlock the Value of Your Beverage Data

Keep Your Product Fresh

Optimize distribution, generate accurate yield, and reduce unsellable product. 

Better Utilize Staff Hours

Save time with automated workflows that create on-demand analytics for everyday users, no IT involvement needed. 

The Right Beverage in Stock

Utilize multiple sources of data to fine-tune forecasting so inventory matches demand. 

Complete Departmental Data Picture

From operations to sales, point-of-sale, and accounting, custom reports and Dashboards can be scheduled or shared with department-specific data.

Secure Platform for Sensitive Data

Data access is curated through roles on a user-by-user basis to ensure individuals have the data they need while withholding superfluous data.

Flexible Implementation

Receive value from your data rapidly via Cloud or on-premises solutions.

Companies Trust Informer

When you purchase Informer, you receive a solution. Let us help you get up and running with customized reports and Dashboards. We make it easy for you to get the insights you need from your data and are there for you every step along the way.



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