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The BI & Analytics Survey 23

The BI & Analytics 23 report is based on findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence and analytics end-users. In total, over 1,900 business intelligence users evaluated 24 products across 30 criteria.

Informer scored an amazing 35 top rankings and was #1 for the third straight year for price to value, customer satisfaction and ease of use in the BI & Analytics 23 Survey.

Consistently the best! Informer is top choice for a third straight year.

Price to Value

61 percent of Informer users reported having purchased the software due to its price-performance ratio, and all were are satisfied with the product’s price-to-value ratio, with 76 percent describing it as ‘excellent’. In turn, Entrinsik achieved top marks in the Price to Value KPI this year, making it three years in a row

Customer Satisfaction

With special customer support teams, tailored services, caring employees, and a product that fulfills user needs, customers rave about their satisfaction with Informer. Focusing on key industries and its subject matter experts culminates in a great overall customer experience.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use is the main reason why customers choose to buy Informer. 73 percent (well above the survey average of 28 percent) purchased the product for its ‘ease of use for report designers’. This underlines the fact that the product is targeted at business departments to help them find insights in data and produce content to share with others.

Vendor Support

80 percent of users rated Informers vendor support services as excellent, the highest rating amongst all products in this year’s survey. Multiple quotes from users praise the company’s staff and services. One customer described Informer vender support in the following words: “Great company, great people, great support. They‘re very responsive.”

Data Preparation

Data preparation encompasses connecting to data sources as well as ingesting, enhancing and enriching data to publish it for use in analytics: tasks that are typically performed by business users. Data transformation and query features are key for customers interested in an intuitive ad-hoc-oriented solution that offers business departments the flexibility they need to utilize their data.

  • CIO/Head of IT
    Education >2500 Employees

    “It‘s an excellent product at an excellent price – among the best price-to-value ratios of all the software we use. Plus, support is amazing and everyone we‘ve had contact with (including sales and training) have been great to work with.”

Rated #1 for the third straight year!

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