Are your enrollment confirmation emails being read? The do’s and don’ts of auto-emailing

Posted on August 31st 2015

Our Enrole registration software will enable you to setup and send out automatic confirmation emails when students enroll for classes, either online or in-house. But are those emails actually getting through? With the amount of emails being sent every day, spam filters are getting stricter, so well-meaning official emails like yours may end up in the junk folder or blocked completely more times than you know about. If they do get through the filters, how can you make sure they’re opened and read?

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure that your emails go straight to the inboxes where they belong, and are actually read by your students/customers.

The email subject lines may not seem important, but they are the #1 reason emails end up being marked as spam. Here are a few rules to abide by when writing your subject line:

  1. DO NOT capitalize entire words or phrases – this is a spam red flag!
  2. DO NOT use special characters, brackets, numbers, or punctuation – another spam red flag
  3. DO keep it short – under 50 characters if possible – less chance to get filtered out
  4. DO make sure it’s clear who the email is from – include the name of your school or program

The first two lines of your email are the most important ones as these show up in some mail servers’ preview space. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of email content:

  1. DO reference the name of the school and subject matter in the first sentence (ie. “Enrollment confirmation for…”) – make sure they know why they should open your email
  2. DO include “next steps” if there are any – hyperlinks to directions and class information
  3. DO include an email signature with relevant contact information – no signature is a spam red flag, and it’s a good place to put contact info
  4. DO NOT forget to write whether the email can be replied to or not – if they can’t hit reply, tell them how to contact you
  5. DO NOT include attachments if you can help it – link to relevant content in the email itself

Follow these few simple guidelines and it will be much more likely your emails will end up in the right place and opened.

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