Betsy Ricotta

Betsy Ricotta

Informer 5.9 – Public Reports

Have you ever considered how to securely share your data insights with the world without compromising the integrity of your Informer instance? Informer addresses the need for organizations to share valuable Dashboards, Comparison Boards, or Data Views with external stakeholders. The ability to securely make Reports publicly accessible is essential. This feature allows organizations to leverage their data in new ways, enhancing transparency and engagement with their audience while safeguarding their core data system.

We will explore the innovative solution that Informer offers through Public Reports and how organizations can seamlessly integrate reports into the cloud, making them accessible to the public without exposing their Informer instance. This approach ensures the security of user data and opens new avenues for data-driven communication and decision-making.

Understanding Public Reports

A Public Report, in the context of Informer, is a Dataset-backed Report (e.g., a Dashboard, a Comparison Board, or a Data View) that is shared outside of Informer's firewall, making it accessible to users who do not have direct access to the Informer.

This sharing mechanism is facilitated by a Cloud Publish Key, essentially an API token. This token serves as a unique identifier used for authentication and authorization when interacting with the Informer API. It acts as a secure key that enables the destination Informer to request and receive data from the originating Informer's system without compromising security.

Historically, Informer could generate external links to Reports, but these links contained the URL of the User’s Informer and required the Report to remain connected to the Dataset that backed it. Public Reports allow Users to publish a Report to a cloud deployment of Informer, obfuscating their Informer’s URL and disconnecting the Report from its backing Dataset.

How Public Reports Work

A Public Report is a conversation between two Informer deployments: the origin and the destination. The origin Informer is where the Report and its backing data reside. The destination is the cloud deployment of Informer where the Public Report is published. A User generates a special kind of API key on the destination deployment called a “Cloud Publish Key” that allows a Public Report to be published to it.

The process of publishing a Public Report involves detaching the data from its original Datasource and packaging it for independent use. Specifically, the data, comprising the Elasticsearch index and Dataset metadata, is encapsulated in a manner that allows for its utilization by the Public Report. The Report operates independently of the data's connection status to the Datasource, meaning it does not require an active link to the Datasource for it to function.

Once the Report is published to the destination, it functions the same as any other Report. It follows the same data security and configurations as the original Report as the User created it on the origin Informer deployment. However, because the data is no longer dynamically linked to its source Dataset, it cannot be refreshed directly from the destination Informer.

In conclusion, Public Reports represent a significant advancement in data sharing and transparency. By enabling organizations to securely share Dashboard, Comparison Boards, or Data Views with external stakeholders, Informer addresses the critical need for both accessibility and data integrity. Public Reports ensure that sensitive data remains protected while making valuable insights accessible to a broader audience. This not only enhances organizational transparency and engagement but also paves the way for new opportunities in data-driven decision-making. As organizations continue to leverage this capability, the potential for impactful communication and collaboration with external stakeholders is boundless. Informer's commitment to security and ease of use in this feature underscores its role as an essential tool in the modern data ecosystem.

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Enrole Releases Version 8.3

Introducing Enrole 8.3: Elevating Your Experience with Our Latest Release

We're excited to share the arrival of Enrole 8.3, our newest version filled with thoughtful updates and improvements. Our goal? To make your experience smoother and the functionality more robust. This latest iteration is a testament to our dedication to creating intuitive, efficient, and friendly solutions just for you. Explore the enhancements and features that Enrole 8.3 has to offer:

Intuitive Admin Portal Navigation
Discover a navigation experience like never before in the Admin Portal with Enrole 8.3. An enhanced side panel awaits, offering you quick and easy access to all the essential features you need, right where you need them.

Streamlined Contract Training Self-Registration and Client Portal Features
We've taken the Contract Training Self-Registration process to the next level. Enjoy streamlined selections for companies, direct links to the My Account page, and more, all designed to simplify your workflow and enhance your experience.

Seamless Enrole System Enhancements
Your feedback is our blueprint. That's why we've made significant updates to the Enrole system, focusing on areas like the shopping cart and course search capabilities. These enhancements are aimed at boosting your navigation ease, efficiency, and satisfaction with our system.

Comprehensive Enhancements for a Seamless Experience
Enrole 8.3 doesn't stop there; it includes a suite of miscellaneous updates ensuring that your experience across our platforms is as seamless and efficient as possible. From tweaks in invoice products to order detail enhancements and session detail management improvements, we've covered all the bases.

Enrole 8.3 exemplifies our unwavering dedication to ongoing innovation and the pursuit of excellence. We believe these updates will greatly streamline your workflow, making managing data, navigating our system, and achieving operational success easier than ever. We're excited for you to experience these enhancements and look forward to bringing you even more updates as we continually strive to meet and exceed your needs.

Click here to learn more about Enrole Registration Management Software.

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Leveraging Dashboards for Enhanced Decision-Making in Higher Education

Leveraging Dashboards for Enhanced Decision-Making in Higher Education

In today's fast-paced higher education landscape, staying ahead requires more than just traditional approaches to data management. Dashboards have emerged as a powerful tool for IT professionals in higher education, offering a myriad of benefits that drive institutional effectiveness and student success. Let's delve into the key advantages of incorporating dashboards into your institution's strategy:

Data Visualization: Dashboards provide a visually intuitive representation of complex data sets, empowering administrators, faculty, and staff to grasp trends and patterns at a glance. This visual clarity enables informed decision-making and facilitates data-driven strategies.

Performance Monitoring: By tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as enrollment rates, graduation rates, and student retention, dashboards offer real-time insights into institutional performance. Identifying areas for improvement becomes seamless, allowing for proactive adjustments to enhance overall effectiveness.

Real-Time Information: With dashboards, stakeholders gain access to up-to-date information on student enrollment, admissions, financial aid, and more. This real-time visibility enables swift responses to emerging issues, fostering agility and adaptability within the institution.

Enhanced Collaboration: Dashboards serve as a centralized platform for sharing data across departments, promoting collaboration and communication among different stakeholders. This collaborative environment fosters synergy, leading to more cohesive decision-making and coordinated efforts.

Improved Student Success: By monitoring students' progress and identifying at-risk individuals, dashboards facilitate targeted interventions to support student success. Whether it's academic assistance or personalized guidance, institutions can proactively address challenges and promote student retention.

Resource Allocation: Dashboards offer insights into resource utilization, empowering institutions to optimize the allocation of financial and human resources. This ensures efficient resource management, ultimately enhancing the student experience and institutional effectiveness.

Compliance and Accountability: Dashboards play a crucial role in tracking compliance with regulations and accreditation standards, providing evidence of adherence when needed. This ensures accountability and instills confidence in stakeholders regarding institutional integrity.

In conclusion, dashboards are indispensable tools for IT professionals in higher education, driving informed decision-making, institutional effectiveness, and student success. Embracing this technology equips institutions with the agility and insight needed to navigate the complexities of modern academia successfully.

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Enhance your Workflows with Templates

Pixel Perfect Reporting

When you need your reports to look exactly right, Templates are here to help you enhance your work processes. Whether you want to export and share PDFs or use them in Jobs like sending out burst emails, Templates are your simple way to create and share clear and precise documents with your information, without the need for complicated HTML coding.

Templates allow pixel-perfect customization, empowering you to visualize and export data with precision. The user-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor ensures that designing Templates is a breeze. Create, modify, and personalize layouts without ever needing to decipher HTML code.

Real World Applications

See how Informer’s clients are using Templates for a wide range of use cases. Simplify monthly invoicing. Provide teachers and students with detailed financial plans, surveys, and grade or sign-in sheets. Streamline documentation by generating client agreements, offer letters, and proposals. Automate performance reports, project sheets, resumes, and references. The possibilities are endless with Templates!

Intuitive WYSIWYG Editor

With our WYSIWYG editor, creating layouts is as simple as a few clicks. Enjoy text formatting, color adjustments, and inserting tables, lists, and images. Effortlessly integrate runtime inputs, queries, datasets, and scripts to craft reports that stand out.

Effortless Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Data; allowing you to effortlessly merge data from any source into your Template.

Templates greatly reduce the time spent on routine tasks by working together with Jobs. Imagine generating and sending invoices or documents at the touch of a button. The power to automate workflows means you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business and building relationships.

Advanced users, rejoice! Take complete control with the HTML Code Editor. Seamlessly blend HTML and CSS to fine-tune the appearance and structure of your components. Your creativity knows no bounds – present data the way you envision it.

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Streamlining Operations, Empowering Growth with Enrole

University of Washington Tacoma

Streamlining Operations, Empowering Growth with Enrole

Pain Points

  • Manual manipulation for reporting
  • Hard to navigate staff experience
  • Unsupportive software support


  • Major time reduction in reporting
  • Streamlined staff process and easy to navigate for students and staff
  • Attentive software support

We're able to see our revenue for the year, what's working, what's not, and who our students are.

Megan Harper, University of Washington Tacoma

Streamline Everything

University of Washington Tacoma improved the staff and student experiences with Enrole, all while being supported along the way. If you want to reap those same benefits, then book your demo of Enrole easiest to use registration management software on the market.


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Unlocking Educational Opportunities: The Benefits of the Enrole & Canvas Integration

Enrole is pleased to highlight the partnership between Enrole and Canvas LMS, part of the Instructure Learning Platform. Together our platforms offer a powerful integration for Continuing Education departments, bringing efficiency to the forefront of the registration process. Some of the efficiencies gained include:

1. Effortless Student Registration

Enrole simplifies the process of selling access to Canvas courses, significantly reducing the workload for your staff. Once a student purchases a Canvas class, their seat is reserved, payment is processed, and they are enrolled in the class in Canvas. This reduces the likelihood of manual errors with an efficient process for ensuring an immediate start to learning. If you have classes, that aren’t going to involve Canvas, that’s not a problem – Enrole will carry on with the registration process as usual.

2. Clear Communication

Clear and effective communication is crucial for a successful educational journey. Students receive instant course access through on-screen notifications, emailed receipts, confirmation emails, as well as in their profile order history. Additional information can be included in confirmation emails tailored specifically for Canvas classes.

3. Automated Grade Import

Once a session is completed, the integration will run overnight to see which sessions now have a grade. This is not the individual assignment grades, but the overall grade for the class. Having the grades in Enrole, allows for quick reporting, certificates of completion for classes, and unofficial/official transcripts, and more! This not only benefits educators by reducing administrative burdens but also ensures that students receive timely and accurate feedback on their performance.

The Enrole and Canvas integration offers a transformative solution for Continuing Education professionals. It simplifies the process of selling course access, enhances the student experience, streamlines administrative tasks, and provides a flexible and tailored approach to course configuration. With this integration, Continuing Education departments can focus on what they do best—delivering high-quality education.
Canvas by Instructure + Enrole = Better Together

If you’d like to learn more about the Enrole-Canvas Integration or about Enrole Registration Management Software, click here.

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Navigating the Future: Entrinsik’s Unified Approach to Customer Support

At Entrinsik, enhancing your experience remains our utmost priority. In this spirit, we’re excited to share a significant stride in our journey – the formation of a Unified Support Team. This initiative is led by Robin Lamb, our Vice President of Client Services.

The formation of this unified support team demonstrates our continuous efforts to optimize support operations. Integrating the prowess of our experts from both Informer and Enrole, we’ve fostered a collaborative team dedicated to promptly and efficiently addressing your needs. Robin’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in catalyzing this significant transformation.

Our customer support team is routinely awarded top marks by third party reviewers, including three consecutive “Best in Customer Support” awards from BARC. The unified support team is the next step in Robin’s commitment to customer satisfaction, by seamlessly integrating the technical expertise of our Informer and Enrole specialists. We’ve built a team that not only understands your needs but also delivers timely, efficient solutions.

We believe this team is a significant stride towards realizing our commitment to your satisfaction and towards setting a new benchmark in customer support. We look forward to sharing more as we continue to evolve and innovate, keeping your needs and satisfaction at the center of our efforts. At Entrinsik, we’re not just about providing solutions; we’re about creating success stories together.

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Enrole Release 8.2.2

Enrole Release 8.2.2 is here, focusing on resolving reported bugs to enhance the stability and reliability of our platform. While no major features are introduced, this release tackles various issues that may have affected performance and functionality. Our dedicated team has fine-tuned the codebase, addressing bugs in user authentication, data synchronization, and UI inconsistencies. These fixes significantly improve overall performance, providing a seamless user experience. We extend our gratitude to users who reported bugs and provided valuable feedback. Upgrade to Enrole 8.2.2 by following our documentation or contacting our support team. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you with more updates in the future. Stay tuned!

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