Get instant visibility into your Audit Tables in SugarCRM

Posted on August 4th 2015


SugarCRM provides audit records for most high level object types in the system. Users in turn need the ability to not only see this underlying  data as it is changing, but also to monitor how they are moving through their lifecycle. The Informer SugarCRM Plugin and Content Package provides users access to these otherwise hidden tables to help bring brighter insight into your CRM data.

Here at Entrinsik, we are particularly interested in how Opportunities records flow through the Opportunity lifecycle. How did they jump through the stages, what prompted the changes, what stages typically lead to Win, etc. Broadly speaking, once an Opportunity hits the Closed Won or (rarely if ever seen 😉 )’Closed Lost’ stage, we want to know individual record details such as:

  • How did this Opportunity flow relative to other Won Opportunities
  • If Lost, at what stage did this Opportunity exit and how did it flow prior
  • What prompted positive movement

And then we also want broader, more strategic type information, less concerned with line items as we are general trends, such as:

  • Year over year and month over month Opportunity Stage trends
  • Common Path to Win stage changes and duration
  • Common Path to Lost stage changes and duration

All of this data is hidden just beneath the SugarCRM surface in the Audit tables. Using Informer, we are able to dig in and retrieve that data, manipulate it to make some sense to us, and present it intuitively alongside other data from our SugarCRM implementation and other datasources as well.

The following is a sample of a report we use internally sourcing data from the Opportunity audit table and from the associated Opportunity and Account Records. Give us a call so we can walk you through how it works.




Delivered with pre-configured mappings and sample reports and dashboards (like the one above), the Informer / Sugar integration gives both technical and non-technical users secure instant visibility into key metrics from multiple perspectives.

“SugarCRM is one of the best CRMs in the world – we use it ourselves internally, so we’re thrilled to be a SugarCRM Technology Partner,” says Tad Buck, Director of Informer Solutions. ”But like us, some customers need more direct  access to their underlying data, and many also need to connect that data with other systems in the organization. This is where Informer provides a unique solution – a single source repository for all reporting and dashboarding needs across an organization, regardless of where and how the data is stored.”

See for yourself – try our interactive SugarCRM dashboard at

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