Advanced SugarCRM Reporting with Informer

Posted on July 11th 2012

Great blog post by Entrinsik Partner, Epicom…

What is a BI Tool & How Does It Work With SugarCRM?

Traditionally, BI (Business Intelligence) tools are software applications designed and used to collect, analyze and report on data. As your business progresses, you need to be able to make decisions quickly without much fuss. No one has time to read through volumes of printed reports (nor does anyone want to). When you combine a BI tool with your CRM, you eliminate the hassle.

Epicom recently partnered with Entrinsik, Inc., a Raleigh N.C.-based software provider whose Informer web reporting tool provides advanced data analysis, reporting, and interactive dashboards. When integrated with SugarCRM, users can easily visualize key metrics, patterns, and trends in sales, marketing, and support from multiple data sources.

So what does a BI tool really do for Sugar users? Let me break it down.
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