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Entrinsik’s Leadership Team

Explore the Entrinsik leadership team that sets the strategic direction of the company to create, implement and support customer first software that elegantly and intuitively provides insights and efficiencies to business processes.

Our Team

Doug Leupen

As CEO of Entrinsik, Doug oversees all aspects of the company’s growth strategy and direction. He founded the company in 1984 and personally led the introduction of the Enrole and Informer products.

Brad Leupen

As CTO of Entrinsik, Brad leads the development of the Entrinsik technology platforms. A strong technology leader, he oversees the development and deployment of our technology to customers.

Andrew Morovati
Chief Solutions Architect

In this role, Andrew oversees the integration and deployment of Informer solutions into partner-driven vertical environments.

Chris Reeves
Head of Partnerships

Chris leads the Partnership division of Entrinsik, managing relationships with all partners globally to ensure that they are achieving success through resale, white-label, and embedded solutions.

Robin Lamb
Head of Client Services

Robin leads the Customer Care division that interacts directly with our valued customer base. This team is focused on providing timely and robust support for all Entrinsik customers.

Madhavi Chandra
Head of Product Management

As the leader of Product Management, Madhavi focuses on combining technology, design, and the voice of customers to set and execute Entrinsik’s product development roadmap.

Simone McGrath
Head of Enrole Sales and Marketing

As the head of Enrole Sales and Marketing, Simone is responsible for leading Enrole’s product marketing, strategy, pipeline expansion, and revenue operations activities.

Kyle Watson
Head of Informer Sales and Marketing

As the leader of Informer Sales and Marketing, Kyle oversees Informer product marketing and leads the go-to-market activities associated with acquiring new customers.

Brian Jackson
Head of Enrole Development

Brian leads Enrole design and development at Entrinsik, including all the company’s course registration, e-commerce, payment gateways, and LMS integration solutions.