Elevate your users

Give your users the tools to shine. From pixel perfect reports to advanced analytics and AI assistants, Informer connects users to the information they need with the security you need.

Connect to your data

Data comes from many different places and in many forms, both structured and unstructured. Informer can access it all.

Cloud APIs

Create something beautiful

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Create content your users will love with Informer's intuitive browser-based user interface.

Dynamic Dashboards
Pixel Perfect Reports
AI Assistants
Ad hoc Queries
Downloadable content
Interactive Grids

Share and work together

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Collaborate in teams to create content together, then share with confidence using Informer's robust data security and access control rules.

Collaborate in teams
Schedule Email and SFTP
Publish internally and publicly
Access from web or mobile

Supercharge your applications

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Impress your users with embedded AI and Reporting.

Create your own AI Copilot
Embed live reports and visuals
Talk directly with the API
Adapt to your app via plugins

We've got your back

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With each version release and support issue, we continue to grow our documentation and knowledge base, making it more likely than ever you will find an answer quickly. And now that Informer has an AI Assistant built in, you can ask questions right from inside the app.

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Your success is our priority, and we know how to make it happen. An Informer expert is just an email or phone call away, offering top of the line custom work.

Whether you need someone to write your reports for you, create templates, or do personalized training, be the system administrator, or you name it... we have you covered.

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Invest in your team and improve their ability to deliver on business objectives by building the right Informer skills.

Choose the right type of training to fit the needs of your institution. Our team of experts offer online training sessions via our Entrinsik University, personalized training to meet your specific needs, or join us live for one of our training events.

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Your deployment, your choice

Use our cloud to save time and money

Informer Cloud offers a comprehensive, cloud-based data analytics platform that is secure, scalable, and flexible, enabling businesses to consolidate disparate data sources into a unified platform for enhanced decision-making. It features a Kubernetes-based architecture for exceptional performance and scalability, advanced encryption for security, and supports extensive customization to meet specific business needs, all while maintaining SOC 2 Type 2 compliance for superior data protection.

With capabilities for real-time data analytics, automated data processing, and global dashboard hosting, Informer Cloud empowers businesses to access and analyze their intelligence efficiently, making it an ideal solution for dynamic data management and visualization needs.

Or, install on premise for total control

While Informer Cloud offers an array of benefits, including SOC 2 Type 2 compliance for exceptional security, we understand that some businesses may prefer on-premise installation for various reasons. That's why we provide the flexibility to install our platform within your own infrastructure.

By opting for on-premise deployment, you retain complete control over your data and IT environment, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and addressing specific security concerns. Our on-premise solution maintains the same level of scalability, performance, and customization options as our cloud offering, empowering you to tailor the platform to your exact specifications.

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  • Jonathan Holfinger
    The creation of visualizations improved our employees’ understanding of the data and helped to create actionable change.
    Jonathan HolfingerPresident Northwest Title