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Informer Shines in the BARC BI & Analytics Survey 23 

Entrinsik is thrilled to share that Informer is top ranked in the BARC BI & Analytics Survey 23 for the third straight year. This is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end-users, based on feedback from a diverse group of 1,900+ where 34 key performance indicators (KPIs) were evaluated for 24 products.

Regarding KPI results, Informer scored 35 top rankings and 46 leading positions in 4 different peer groups, those being Embedded Analytics Focus, Report & Dashboard Focus, BI & Analytics Specialists, and Midsize/Departmental Implementations. A top ranking indicates winning the first position out of the entire peer group.

Interestingly, Entrinsik has the highest proportion of users from the IT department (83 percent) in this year’s survey. Informer achieved perfect scores for price to value, vendor support, distribution of reports, ease of use, sales experience, data preparation, and operational BI.

One user commented: “It‘s an excellent product at an excellent price – among the best price-to-value ratios of all the software we use. Plus, support is amazing and everyone we‘ve had contact with (including sales and training) have been great to work with.”

The following provides a deeper dive into our top rankings:

Analyses & Ad hoc Query – All Informer users surveyed claimed to be satisfied with our product’s support for Ad hoc query and analysis capabilities. Our clean drag-and-drop interfaces with good contextual menus make life easy for business users.

Business Value – ‘Improved operational efficiency’ was achieved by a higher proportion of Informer customers than any other vendor in this year’s survey.

Customer Experience – According to BARC, Informer offers the right software and the ease of use required to empower business users in their daily work.

Customer Satisfaction – With special customer support teams, tailored services, pleasant employees, a focus on certain industries, and a product that fulfills user needs, customers could hardly be served better, according to BARC.

Data Preparation – Top rankings in 3 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each – An unusually high proportion of business users prepare data with Informer, and data transformation and query features are key to customers.

Distribution of Reports – Top rankings in all 4 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each – Informer reports can be sent to other users, scheduled, or embedded in other applications, fulfilling all customer needs in this area.

Ease of Use – Top rankings in all 4 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each – This KPI is the main reason why customers choose to buy Informer. 73 percent (well above the average of 28 percent) purchased the product for its ‘ease of use for report designers’.

Functionality – Informer was built for MultiValue databases and enhanced with connectivity to other relational databases and APIs, bringing high value to users of these databases.

Implementer Support – Informer is ranked top of the Embedded Analytics Focus peer group for provided implementation services.

Operational BI – Top rankings in all 4 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each – 84 percent of Informer respondents reported having used the product in the area of operational BI, the highest rate of all products.

Price to Value – Top rankings in all 4 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each – For the third year in a row, Informer has achieved top marks for price to value.

Product Satisfaction – The highest rating out of all products for ‘no significant problems’ encountered with the software belongs to Informer.

Recommendation – Our agility in querying data along with our flexible, easy to use solution for discovering insights has contributed to Informer’s top ranking.

Sales Experience – Top rankings in all 4 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each – Informer received the top rating out of all vendors for industry-specific knowledge, general conduct, and pricing and contract flexibility.

Vendor Support – Top rankings in all 4 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each – Our vendor support is rated better than all other products featured in The BI & Analytics Survey 23.

Click here to access the full report.

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