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University of Richmond Alleviate Pain Points

Pain Points

  • Tuition Reimbursement Registration and Reporting
  • Duplication of Effort with Website and Previous Software
  • Manual Registration for OSHER Classes in Banner


  • Non-Credit Courses at 75% Online Registration
  • OSHER Classes From 0% to 83% Online Registration
  • OSHER Opening Day at over 4,500 Registrations

OSHER’s real-time online registrations went from 0% to 83% and continue to grow, with the latest opening day count at over 4,500 registrations!

Daniel Hocutt

University of Richmond

Say Goodbye to Manual Registration

Richmond drastically lessened the amount of registrations taken by staff. If you want to learn how Enrole can lessen the manual work on your staff, then book your demo of Enrole Registration Management software.

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Entrinsik Expands Functionality of its BI Platform with the Release of Informer 5.1

Raleigh, NC – September 25th, 2019 – Entrinsik, Inc. (https://entrinsik.com) announced the release of Informer 5.1.

New features include Multi-tenancy, Mapping Suites, and business workflow enhancements

The new version introduces new features and dozens of productivity enhancements to the reporting and data analytics software platform used by thousands of business users around the world.

This latest release of Informer introduces a new multi-tenancy architecture that enables VARS and ISVs who develop and deploy software to quickly serve multiple customers using a single instance of Informer. Companies can now run one instance of Informer on one database and provide web-based access to their clients, with each client’s data isolated and invisible to other clients.

By supporting multi-tenancy, software vendors and their clients can be hosted separately and securely on shared server infrastructure with the client-facing view featuring the vendor’s branding. Multitenancy significantly eases the maintenance and administration of these deployments and optimizes resource usage.

“Informer can provide an additional revenue stream opportunity for companies who have an existing client base by seamlessly delivering more robust reporting and data analysis capabilities as part of their service offering,” said Sharon Shelton, VP Marketing at Entrinsik. “By partnering with Entrinsik, software vendors can instantly deliver more value under their brand.”

It is a particularly compelling model for businesses that may not choose to spend their IT resources on developing more advanced data analysis capabilities in-house and then managing ongoing upgrades on their own.

Informer 5.1 betas have been tested in the field for quite some time. “Multi-tenancy has been huge. Informer is quickly becoming our custom reporting toolkit, where our clients will be able to envision whatever reports they want, from whatever datasets they want and then create audit-ready reports and visuals,” says Wendy Gustafson, Full Sail Partners (http://www.fullsailpartners.com/).

Informer 5.1 also includes the Mapping Suites feature which greatly simplifies reporting from databases with partition schema layouts found across various sectors, including the Education space. A Mapping Suite is a set of related tables in the database that is segregated by a common attribute, typically with base tables that define the columns for the common attribute. For example, general ledger summary tables and detail tables may be separated into multiple tables for each fiscal year, with a base table that defines the columns for each of the year-specific tables. Using Mapping Suites, Informer Reports can be created using the base tables, and the appropriate year is specified at runtime, eliminating the need to have mappings and Reports for each year table.

Mapping Suites can be used in any schema that has partitions. It can also be used to combine snapshots of data and report from the snapshots. Organizations can now combine snapshots in one Informer Report and segment them out based on partition, e.g., year, department, division, practically anything. These snapshots often already exist for organizations and Informer radically simplifies this type of multi-dimensional reporting.

Entrinsik is offering two webinars demonstrating the newest release of Informer 5.1 with live Q/A:

Introducing Informer 5.1 – More Speed, Collaboration, Value

TUE, OCT 1, 2019 | 2:00 PM – 02:30 PM EDT

Introducing Multi-tenancy in Informer 5.1

WED, OCT 23, 2019 | 2:00 PM – 02:30 PM EDT

For more information about Entrinsik’s Partner Program, visit https://entrinsik.com/informer/partners or call 888-703-0016.

About Entrinsik

For over 30 years, Entrinsik has offered innovative, award-winning information management solutions built on modern technologies designed to help organizations streamline operations, cut costs, and grow revenue. For six consecutive years, Entrinsik has been selected as a member of the DBTA 100, highlighting the 100 Companies that Matter Most in Data. Entrinsik was also named a “Top Performer” for business intelligence tools in the 2019 Winter Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers.com. Entrinsik software receives consistently high rankings on 3rd party software review sites. To find out more visit https://entrinsik.com.

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Does “Off-The-Shelf” Software Suit Your Business?

If you are considering making a change with your registration software, make sure it fits your department needs. There are several software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers in continuing education today, that can mostly be classified as either Off-the-shelf or Custom.

Off-The-Shelf Software

Off-the-shelf software is a package of functionality to help you run 95% of your business right out of the box. You enter your content, and away you go (with proper training of course)! It’s usually a very cost-effective solution and is quick to implement. It should also accommodate most self-customization by your team, or a few more complex changes by the manufacturers’ technicians.


• Easy to train and quick to implement
• Budget friendly and always up-to-date
• Flexible, scalable, reliable & pre-tested


• Typically designed for the 95% use case
• Custom is quick, but at an additional cost

Custom Software

Custom software is typically designed from the ground up and for the exact use cases you dictate. It is usually much more expensive and usually takes way longer to “go live”, but when you have a larger budget, and many departments with specific operating procedures - it may suit your working environment.
Both have their pros and cons and based on your business practices and budget that is how you’ll make your decision. Doing your due diligence before changing software providers will make this process less painful and time consuming.


• You determine your business needs
• Specific integrations and add-ons
• Upgrades can be done on your schedule


• You must test, it takes time to build & “go live”
• Big budget to build, maintain, and upgrade
• Can require dedicated IT Staff at your site

At the end of the day, you must decide on what is the best for your departments’ needs. Enrole was created to meet 95% of your business needs straight “out of the box”. Our technical team works with clients right up to going live to ensure they understand your business practices. We always recommend clients become familiar with how our software is designed to work prior to requesting any customizations.

If you would like to learn more about Enrole, visit us at www.entrinsik.com/enrole.

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How Informer 5 Enhances Ellucian Student Systems


Colleges and universities consist of multiple schools (Business, Law, Arts, Science, etc.), each having many departments with substantial reporting and data integration requirements. These departments include the Registrar’s Office, Institutional Research, Financial Aid, Academic areas, Student Accounts, Finance, Admissions, and HR.

Many of these institutions run their operations using Ellucian Colleague or Ellucian Banner ERP systems. These solutions provide functionality that includes:

  • Admissions, scholarships, and financial aid
  • Student information such as inquiries, applications, student addresses, prior schools attended, SAT scores, grades, GPA, majors & minors, hours completed, and graduation information
  • Information on all classes
  • Accounting and finances, fixed assets, A/R, A/P, and vendor information
  • HR and payroll
  • Alumni information.

Reporting Challenges with Colleague and Banner

The file systems within these ERP solutions are known to have significant complexity. For example, Colleague is built on a UniData MultiValue database, which operates differently than SQL. It has complexity associated with the database schema, file structures, mappings, and more. As a result, institutions hire IT specialists to create standard and custom reports. Users still might not get the correct data in their reports because it’s possible to find 6 or 7 very similar field names. IT must also be involved if reporting and data integration needs to be changed.

Without having a user-friendly point and click interface in Colleague, analyzing data is often challenging for end-users, especially when the data is continuously changing.

Institutional leaders also face decision making challenges caused by the lack of standardized reporting between different schools and departments. What’s required is a reporting and data integration system that provides:

  • A single source of truth for data across the institution
  • Standard selection criteria for reporting
  • Consistent reporting formats.

Due to the challenges mentioned above, administrators often resort to using multiple manual processes. Many times, administrators create reports manually because data is in different systems or they don’t have access to the data. For example, some administrators print all the transcripts to identify and report on who is graduating, which takes much time. Not only does this significantly increase the length of time to create reports, but it also increases the likelihood of errors. They can do this in 5 minutes with Informer 5.

Creating a Self-Service Knowledge Center with Informer 5

Informer 5 makes it quick and efficient for people to access real-time data to perform analysis and produce reports and visuals that users can interact with by grouping, sorting, filtering, and more, despite these ERP systems having a tremendous number of data fields and complicated schema. Informer 5’s functionality and ease of use are also the top benefits that institutions appreciate.

Institutions quickly transition from being a heavily IT-dependent reporting environment to a self-service knowledge center with Informer 5. Management and staff find the new reporting and data integration capability a significant game-changer. They create reports, run them when they want, and share them securely with everyone soon after Informer 5 implementation.

People also find it much easier to share reports with their colleagues thanks to Informer 5’s ability to embed dashboards containing exceptional visuals. Many schools use dashboards for reporting because users find them convenient for getting all the information they need on one screen.

Automating Reporting Workflows with Informer 5

Informer 5 is an indispensable tool for departments to schedule their day-to-day work. For example, schools use Informer Reports to identify students who have their enrollment information either ready to be packaged for review or highlighted if the information is still missing. Reminders are then automatically sent to the students.

Informer 5 also makes it easy to merge criteria for reporting. For example, administrators at some institutions spend multiple days manually gathering data from different systems to create a report that identifies honors and probation students and drafting individual letters to those students. Informer 5 removes that complexity by automating the process. Users complete this process within a day by selecting the criteria for merging data, downloading the information into Excel, and then using the data with Word and Mail Merge.

Institutions also use Informer 5 to support their quality control initiatives by keeping departments informed if something out of the ordinary happens. For example, users can schedule Reports that say, “give me the students when certain information doesn’t match or where the social security number is missing.” Managers can also have a Report that isolates specific records that need to be reviewed instead of reviewing all the data.

Informer 5 Provides a Single Source of Truth

Colleges and universities often choose 3rd party applications to augment some of Colleague or Banner’s functionality, including:

  • Salesforce for contact management
  • ADP for payroll
  • Workday for HR/payroll
  • Slate CRM for Admissions recruitment
  • Raiser’s Edge for fundraising.

Information contained within these different systems creates the need for a single source of truth for reporting. With Informer 5, users no longer need to run separate reports in each application and then combine the output manually. Informer 5’s Datasets automatically blend this disparate data to create a centralized, curated data hub for analysis and reporting.

Informer 5 facilitates effective data governance by providing cleansed and standardized data that users can access to create their reports, such as pivot tables and charts.

Lastly, Informer 5 also supports an institution’s security initiative. For example, IT can lock down users with criteria that determines who gets access to what and when, and how much of it they get. IT also maintains control by authorizing users to access, generate, and share reports with confidence.


Some colleges still lack adequate and efficient reporting tools. Consequently, people who need information are dependent on IT and may wait many days, or even weeks, for reports. Alternatively, the ability to retrieve data from multiple sources, transform it and create a self-service reporting and analysis environment for end-users results in timelier, data-driven decisions.

Colleges and universities throughout North America have found Informer 5 to be the ideal business intelligence solution. Integrating data from Colleague and other systems to create a centralized data hub — one that is curated and secure for reliable analysis and reporting — is invaluable for not only management decision making, but also employee morale and productivity.

Learn More

To learn more about Informer 5’s many capabilities, please call 888-703-0016, or contact informersales@entrinsik.com.

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Informer 5’s Secure FTP Feature Saves Time and Effort

Informer 5 is well known for its powerful and easy to use analysis and reporting functionality. What’s less known is the fact that Informer also helps organizations improve efficiency by simplifying the process of transferring data between systems.

Informer’s Jobs Scheduling Feature Streamlines the FTP Process

You can easily generate a report that includes data based on the specifications provided by a vendor you’re working with, in the required format, and send the files via secure FTP to the vendor’s systems, with Informer’s Jobs Scheduling feature.

For example, at colleges and universities, teachers need to choose books for their courses. This process requires that course and session information, created within their Ellucian Colleague or Banner ERP system, be transferred to the institution’s bookstore database. The bookstore (managed by an external vendor) needs to know what courses are taught daily, so their software can show the courses offered along with the associated faculty.

Before Informer 5…

An institution’s IT team face a complicated set of tasks that include:

  • Generating the file based on the bookstore’s specifications that include, the term, courses taught in the upcoming semester, the professor, and other details
  • Uploading the file onto a server
  • Creating a nightly scheduled report containing the file
  • Writing a script saying, ‘pick up this file’, include FTP credentials with log-in and key, then send the file out to the bookstore’s FTP servers

The bookstore’s IT staff then logs into the secure FTP and pulls the information into their database.

With Informer 5’s secure FTP functionality…

Institutions can automate multiple tasks within one process. Without the need for a script, a simple schedule is set that says, “send this file out to that server and here are the credentials”. Every night the schedule runs automatically, and the file appears in the vendor’s servers.

California Lutheran University Simplifies the FTP Process

California Lutheran University is an example of an institution struggling with the issue involving a complicated set of tasks with their FTP process. Their goal in selecting a new BI solution was to eliminate those extra steps.

With Informer, California Lutheran University simplified the FTP process. They liked that a report can be launched and shared across departments in one straightforward move. According to Michael Graham, the Director of Administrative Information Services, “The registrar’s office was excited not to need to use FTP anymore. All they wanted to do was launch the report, export the report, and load it into Excel or whatever format they needed. The registrar’s office loves having the ability to put in a PDF, with our watermark, and they can give that to department chairs to show the data in many different formats.”

Michael has found it invaluable to have the credentials and all necessary information within Informer, so when he sends the file, he knows it’s secure and based on the correct specifications. As a bonus, Informer 5 also enables him to send files to a shared drive for easy and secure access.

To learn more about Informer 5’s many capabilities, please call 888-703-0016, or contact informersales@entrinsik.com.

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USM Ease of Use and Accurate Data

Pain Points

  • Record Mixups Took Weeks to Correct
  • Registration Process Not Fully Online
  • Staff Battled with System Inefficiencies


  • 100's of Hours Saved with Efficient New Software
  • Accurate and Error Free Record Keeping
  • Improved Student Experience

Hundreds of staff hours have been saved with Enrole being able to handle the high volume of our OLLI registration days.

Rob Hyssong

University of Southern Maine

Time and Money Savings Abound

USM quickly reclaimed hours to their day with accurate data and students self-enrolling. To learn about other ways Enrole can help you save time and money, book your demo of Enrole Registration Management software.

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Improving Operational Efficiency with Informer 5 Scheduling

How Informer 5 Scheduling Helps Customers

Top of mind for managers within many organizations is improving operational efficiency. Managers understand that by eliminating unnecessary tasks and automating manual workflows, employee time can be freed-up to focus on higher value business activities. This leads to increased productivity and profitability.

When it comes to the use of data, people in different roles often have different requirements. Some may need summary updates throughout the day as changes occur. Others may need all the relevant refreshed data sent to their local system for analysis.

Across your organization, Informer 5 provides reliability and consistency. It does this by delivering to management and staff, the necessary information to meet their unique requirements, on time and in the right format.

Informer’s Jobs scheduling functionality gives you control over:

  • what Dataset(s) or ad-hoc queries you want to work with
  • how recently the data should be refreshed
  • how you want the data filtered
  • where and how the information should be sent (i.e., email, FTP, file system)
  • and, how often these actions need to occur.

Scheduling Within Jobs

The scheduling component within Jobs enables you to determine the interval of your schedule. Intervals offer a wide range of options including:

  • minutes
  • hourly
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • yearly
  • or custom.

Each schedule can be customized for your needs.

When Southern Supply Company was initially looking to bring in a BI tool, they wanted to do up-to-the-minute alerting and reporting on different production business flow activities taking place throughout the day.

According to Jesse Owsley, Project Manager at Southern Supply Company, “One of the things that was super important to us was being able to schedule refreshes for our various Datasets. And, to refresh queries in both the time span we needed and in the frequencies we need. Some things we only need to see once a day. But, there are a lot of things that we need to keep track of up to the minute. There are two pieces to this: first, having control over when we do the queries. And second, the fact that Informer is usable enough and agile enough for us to set the parameters ourselves without having to rely on a consultant.”

According to Michael Graham, Director of Administrative Information Services at California Lutheran University, “We really enjoy the [Informer] scheduler. Being able to create a report for someone, schedule it, get the report emailed to them without them having to do anything but opening their email and click on the link that links them back to the report.”

Keeping People Informed – Alerts

Informer plays a big role in supporting Barry University’s quality control initiatives by keeping departments informed if something happens out of the ordinary. Reports are scheduled within the registration department that say, ‘notify me when certain student information doesn’t match or where the social security number is missing.’ It also enables managers to have a report that highlights specific records that need to be reviewed instead of reviewing all the data. For example, international students, student athletes, and some graduate programs are required to maintain predetermined credits.

Regina Lopez, Informer Implementation Specialist, recently joined Entrinsik from Barry University. According to Regina, “With Informer 5’s secure FTP option in the Jobs feature, a schedule can be set that says, ‘send this file out to that server and here are the credentials.’ It’s so much more efficient than the traditional FTP process. For example, Barry University generates a report that includes data based on the specification provided by its vendor-managed bookstore. It gets scheduled and SFTP credentials are added. Every night the schedule runs automatically, and the file appears in the bookstore’s servers with the courses that were created that day.”

Staying Informed Using Schedules

For Southern Supply’s e-commerce orders that come in throughout the day, the operations team needs to see the new orders and their fulfillment status. It has been key to the team to be able to receive status reports as frequently as they require.

“I have products delivered throughout the day. And, I need to keep track of those deliveries to see the status in both our delivery software and ERP system. I have been able to keep track of where those orders are throughout the day because Informer gives me the ability to schedule those data queries and data refreshes in the frequencies that I need, in both systems and at the same time,” said Owsley.

To learn more about Informer 5’s Jobs scheduling functionality, read more here. Call 888-703-0016 or informersales@entrinsik.com

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Why Informer 5 is Better Than Excel

Gain greater insights from your data – quickly and easily

Do you need to:

  • Pull together data from different systems or spreadsheets for consolidated reporting?
  • Cleanse and curate that data to produce department-specific reports and visuals based on one version of the truth?
  • Produce operational reports based on real-time data that users can interact with on their own and easily collaborate with others across the organization?

This is not easy with Excel because:

  • Data from other systems is not updated automatically within Excel. As a result, significant administrative effort is required to pull together disparate but related information. It’s also not uncommon for different teams to produce different answers to the same question due to the lack of a single source of truth and weak data governance.
  • Excel does not provide for convenient collaboration across teams in different departments. You could spend many hours distributing dozens of Excel spreadsheets to different groups.
  • You’re limited in the amount of data you can pull into a single Excel document.

Excel often takes a lot of time and effort to combine different data points or files within spreadsheets to build reports. It can take multiple days to complete each report. Fortunately, that approach is no longer necessary because with Informer, Entrinsik’s data analytics and BI platform, you can have one large curated Dataset where you can easily slice and dice the data and quickly create visuals for more comprehensive analysis.

Informer customers, who previously used Excel’s pivot tables, are also amazed with Informer 5’s ease of pivoting on data, its speed, and the ability to explore data in almost limitless ways.

Informer 5 is a much better alternative

Imagine having real-time operational information from multiple sources of data on one screen.

Regardless of one’s technical ability, Informer 5 makes it easy to explore data and create ad-hoc reports and dashboards.

Informer 5 radically simplifies the process of accessing, cleansing, blending, and analyzing disparate data by providing a single platform to create a cohesive, curated, governed data hub for self-service reporting across your organization. You can pull data from over a dozen data sources including, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle®, IBM DB2®, MySQL, Informix®, UniData, FileMaker®, etc., and large spreadsheets, and consolidate them within Informer’s data hub. And, because you’re starting from a common baseline of curated data – a Dataset within Informer – self-service reporting errors are minimized.

Informer as a data cleansing and error-checking tool

To eliminate rows containing incorrect information, some people need to take the data that resides within their reporting tool and transfer it into Excel for cleansing. However, there is a much better way! One of the common uses of Informer is to find bad data in a database and clean it up.

Informer can also be used as an error-checking tool where abnormalities in data patterns can be spotted. This opens the opportunity for more investigative questions to be asked.

Analysis and reporting made easy with Informer 5

Informer Dashboards make it convenient for you to drill down into the overwhelming amount of data that your organization produces every day so you can easily get answers to specific questions and gain new insights. From there, you can further visualize and analyze the data to find answers to additional questions and make real-time data-driven decisions.

If you want to compare information, Informer’s Comparison Boards simplify comparative analysis of segments of data against others, or against the whole, by comparing left-column Visuals with right-column Visuals.

James Slizewski, registrar at Delaware Valley University, has been assisting the University’s academic leaders and department staff with operational reporting for over five years. He understands that managers don’t like looking at spreadsheets but instead they want to see data presented visually. According to Slizewski, “Informer 5 enables academic leaders and users to view things that they didn’t know previously by looking at a spreadsheet.”

Use the data you are seeing with Informer Dashboards

Informer 5 Dashboards facilitate the interaction with data by enabling users to quickly drill down into the details to glean greater insight. These Dashboards enable the University’s academic leaders and staff to easily see, daily, if they are meeting key institutional metrics.

“If a department looks at a dashboard one way and wants to visualize the data a different way, we give them the ability to do that. What’s so beneficial is that they can use the data they are seeing. For example, they can filter on students who have high GPAs, click on that visual, view the data that includes an email address, download the data and send out an email just to those students. They can do all of this within Informer, you don’t need anything else! As compared to how we had to do it before, where we had to run the whole report, download it, and then filter it within Excel or something, said Slizewski.

You can easily create your own Informer Dashboard to be a powerful, personalized resource that displays reports you typically create more than once. Dashboards integrate data from multiple databases, data warehouses, and spreadsheets, and display visualizations using real-time data. Prior to bringing Informer 5 into Delaware Valley University, staff in various departments didn’t have direct access to up-to-date information to make informed decisions. Instead, they had to ask the registrar’s office or IT to run reports for them.

Teams of users are empowered with Informer 5 Teams

According to Slizewski, “What’s nice about Informer 5 Dashboard reports is that they can be created and pushed out to a team of users. Those users can then own that report and can manipulate it and run it in other ways. They can add their own data in and even add in other datasources. Whereas before, they had to massage that data in after the fact in Excel. So, it’s allowed those teams of people to not only design and run reports, but also use other sources of data that weren’t available to the report writers before”.

To watch James Slizewski’s customer testimonial video and learn more, click here.

To learn more, call 888-703-0016, or informersales@entrinsik.com

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Customers Talk about Informer 5 Datasets

In the Informer 5 Dataset video, customers talk about how Informer 5’s Dataset features enable them to consolidate different data sources for better analysis and reporting. Their positive experience in consolidating multiple sources of data within Informer 5 is one of many reasons these customers recommend Informer to other organizations also wanting to streamline and improve operational efficiency.

Multi-system integration

Jessie Owsley, Project Manager at SME Electric Supply, a manufacturing and distribution company, frequently needs to generate status and management reports from the company ERP, CRM, and delivery systems. Before acquiring Informer 5, it was very time consuming to consolidate all the necessary information to create a meaningful view of the data for decision making. One of the major benefits that Jessie found using Informer 5 is that he can now pull data from these disparate systems into a consolidated Dataset within Informer 5 and report on any or all the information at the same time.

According to Owsley, “We have products delivered throughout the day and I need to see the status of the delivery. Keeping track of those deliveries involves both the delivery and ERP software. Informer has helped accomplish the task of keeping track of where those orders are throughout the day by providing the ability to schedule data queries and data refreshes as frequently as needed.”

Likewise, Delaware Valley University has data located in many different locations. These include, the Student Information System, health waivers, spreadsheets in a tutoring center, and student survey data. They pull all the data from these different data sources into Informer 5 where authorized users find it easy to query and interact with the data on their own. These users like seeing how the data sources, Datasets, and Reports are connected within Informer 5 because it makes them feel more self-reliant in doing self-service reporting.

Refreshing Datasets

Not only do customers applaud Informer 5’s agility in pulling together all their data sources into one curated Dataset, but they find tremendous value in the ability to refresh Datasets and queries based on the demands of the business for accurate, up-to-the-minute decision making. As well, customers talk about feeling more independent and empowered because they no longer need to rely on an ERP or CRM consultant, or anyone else, to produce custom reporting.

According to James Slizewski, Registrar at Delaware Valley University, “Informer enables us to operate not just more efficiently but better than we were before because we refresh our Datasets and data sources and bring user’s data in on demand as needed.”

Empowering users

A common theme mentioned by customers is the benefit of having more people access the data they own and without the need for technical training. This enables users to produce timely reports and share them with confidence and security.

“Informer 5’s Dataset functionality enables every department to have ownership of their data, to be able to join a bunch of our tables together, to be able to access what is needed, and to be able to limit access if needed for departments,” Melissa Sponseller, Business Intelligence Lead at Capital University.

Empowering users to do their own analysis and create their own reports using Informer 5 provides multiple benefits. They can see, filter and interact with their own data within Informer 5 instead of needing to transfer data into Excel or Access or relying on other staff members with report writing expertise.

Slizewski also mentioned, “Now, they can do that [self-service reporting] because we’ve allowed them to do it and trained them on how to do it. That’s helped us not only by saving us time as report writers but also it made the report better because they can see, ‘Oh wait I can bring in this other source of data which I thought I didn’t have the ability to do before’, and now they can add that in.”

Security – user access

Secure data is paramount to an organization’s business health. With Informer 5’s Dataset capability, a DBA-type person can create a very large set of data and compartmentalize it with separate views of the information that their end users can work with in a very simple and secure way. Not only does this eliminate the need to create separate sets of data for each person but it establishes strong data governance by creating a single Dataset with your rules that limit users to only see portions of the data depending on their role within the organization.

“Informer gives great control over who has access to which data sources and specific within each data source down to the table level or the column level, to say who can do what. The concepts of users within teams and permission sets are very granular, and they’re easy to manage, and that granularity allows us to have users directly access the data. I’ve got better control over the information than if I’m giving someone access to our CRM client or ERP client,” said Owsley.

To hear more from Informer 5 customers, watch the Informer 5 Dataset video

To learn more, call 888-703-0016, or informersales@entrinsik.com

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