Informer FAQ

What data providers can Informer connect to?

Informer can connect to almost any data source, both SQL and MultiValue. SQL datasources can include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Derby, and Sybase SQL. MultiValue datasources can include Rocket UniVerse, Rocket UniData, and Rocket D3. ODBC datasources can include Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and Google Drive. Custom data providers have been created for cloud services including, SugarCRM, and Zendesk.

How does Informer connect to datasources?

Informer connects to SQL datasources via JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), MultiValue datasources through Java interfaces specific to them, and online services via REST APIs.

How is Informer’s architecture different from other reporting software?

Informer uses GWT (Google Web Toolkit) for its web interface to allow for a rich client experience. This means no installation on the user’s PC. Informer is 100% Java on its web server, so it can be installed on Unix, Linux or Windows systems.

How can Informer be customized to suit my organization’s needs?

Informer has plugin hooks that can enable customization such as single sign-on, custom authentication, company logos, and row-level data security.

How does Informer handle security? At what levels can I set up user security & permissions?

Informer has two types of security principals: users and groups. You can give group or user permissions on very specific levels such as report or database columns, or as broad as system-wide, and all levels in between.

How does Informer handle MultiValue vs. SQL data structure?

MultiValue data is represented as arrays and arrays of arrays, and can be normalized. SQL data is represented as normalized, and may be collapsed to arrays.

What are the minimum system requirements to run Informer?

Informer without Dashboards needs 6GB of system memory with 4GB dedicated to Informer. Informer with Dashboards needs 10GB of system memory with 8GB dedicated to Informer. Informer also requires Java 7 and can run on a Linux, Unix, or Windows server.

What kind of server do I need to run Informer?

Since Informer is a Java application, it can run on any server that can run a Java Virtual Machine.

Can I run Informer on a test & live environment?

Yes, you can run two installations of Informer, and you can transfer report definitions between the two.

Is Informer a SAAS application (hosted)?

Informer is hosted with a few of our partner re-sellers, but Entrinsik does not host Informer.

What languages does Informer support?

Informer supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German languages.

Does Informer support mobile devices?

Informer can be run on mobile devices, but there is currently no mobile application specifically for Informer.

Does Informer offer an API?

Informer has a Java API. There are plans for a limited REST API coming by Fall of 2016.

What level of support does Informer offer?

The Informer support team can be reached by phone and email, Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm EST. The Informer customer support portal (Informer Help Center) can be accessed 24/7.

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