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Modernize Your BI & Data Analysis Capabilities

Today, businesses are gathering data from more sources than ever before – spreadsheets, traditional databases, even unstructured data from across the web. These information streams hold valuable insights, and harnessed correctly, can ultimately lead to improved efficiency, productivity, and bottom lines.

Informer 5 represents a new generation of business intelligence and data analytics, simplifying the process of accessing, cleansing, blending, and analyzing data from multiple sources. With Informer, aggregate all your disparate data into a single platform using an intuitive, 100% web-based interface that replaces outdated query tools and complicated reporting systems.

Gone are the days of data warehouses and cubes, complicated “views” and limited functionality. With Informer’s extensible architecture, collaborative environment, and enterprise-level performance, you’re minutes away from actionable insights and better, data-driven decisions.

Informer 5 is a game changer. Let us show you how.

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Access, analyze, discover. It's that simple.

No longer do you have to struggle to extract critical insights buried in data, whether in legacy systems, spreadsheets or in the cloud. With Informer, teams across your entire organization can easily explore the most relevant data sets in order to analyze, visualize and collaborate to make the best possible business decisions based on the most accurate, up to date information available.


Department Managers
Access real-time data relevant to your department to answer key business questions


Data Scientists
Organize disparate data and use powerful data discovery capabilities to blend and explore data


Database Administrators
Straightforward implementation and governance to easily expand user adoption


Business Users
True self-service data analysis and dashboard creation from an easy to use, intuitive interface


Company Executives
Easily see the big picture by monitoring KPIs with real-time reports and visualizations


And You! 
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Our customers continue to be our biggest advocates

Entrinsik has always been and continues to be a customer-driven organization. Our product roadmap is driven by user feedback with an emphasis on ease of use, modern technology and a high level of customer and partner support. Informer customer testimonials and use case studies reflect that commitment.

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