Celebrity Title Company Improves Workload Efficiencies, Saves Time and Money, and Improves User Satisfaction with Entrinsik Informer


Celebrity Title Company is an independent full service title insurance agency offering title insurance policies and related real estate closing services on residential and commercial transactions. To manage their business, Celebrity Title Company uses RamQuest title and settlement production solutions and relied on the basic reporting they provided to track business operations.

“Unfortunately, those reports are not easily customizable if you are not proficient in IT database functions,” said Andi Bolin, President at Celebrity Title Company. “I knew I could contact op2 (RamQuest’s hosting platform) and request custom reports, however I would still have no control of the data.” All of the compiled information from the basic reports had to be verified by manually reviewing each and every file individually. The data was then dumped into an Excel spreadsheet, pivot tables created, sorted, grouped, and manual modifications were then made. “It would take an hour to publish our daily income report and 1-2 days to complete the commission report,” says Bolin.

Celebrity Title lost a tremendous amount of time and efficiency relying on the person who created the pivot tables to make any necessary report corrections or customizations. In addition, the information wasn’t easily disseminated which often led to missing reporting numbers and income projections.


After researching several reporting and data analysis solutions, Celebrity Title chose Entrinsik Informer. “Everything has changed,” says Bolin.  “I am able to review reports when I want to review them with ease. I LOVE the schedule option which allows me to send reports to the people who need to see them in the format they want to view them. Additionally, it allows me to keep up with orders and thank clients immediately for their business.  I save more man hours than I can count with Informer.”

The team at Celebrity Title can now perform their own ad-hoc analysis by creating reports that can be configured on the fly, drilled into, and personalized without assistance from outside IT support.

“The list of reports is endless with Informer. I could spend hours writing out all of the amazing numbers we have been able to quantify with this software. It would be similar to Bubba listing all of the different ways to eat shrimp: commission, open order, closed order, projected income, actual income, sales volume by Broker, sales volume by Agent, referring agent report, overdue tasks, outstanding checks, aging policy report…the list is endless.”

Bolin is now able to grab fields from RamQuest because the mapping is already done, double-click the fields that appear on the reports, and simply complete the formatting process by easily moving the column headers around. The report essentially creates itself. “I love the ability to change the font, column size, grouping, sorting, and Informer adds value to our business with the ability to brand the information with our logo,” says Bolin.


“The cost savings for us include: time, workload efficiencies, and end user satisfaction,” says Bolin. “In my opinion, placing a dollar amount on accurate, timely, programmed reports does not begin to quantify the benefits of using Informer. The implementation and rollout was easy as well; the team at Informer is very easy to talk to and patient.” Bolin would identify the information she needed to gather and the reports she wanted to create, then drag and drop, double-click and the information is at her fingertips.

“I recommend Informer to both the novice and experienced professional,” says Bolin. “I believe these reports give us an advantage because I am able to compare national averages, market averages, and local averages within specific criteria. These very specific reports allow us to add tremendous value to our clients and the efficiency of our company.”

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