Data quality: how to avoid reporting on “bad” data

Posted on October 6th 2015 by Nakita @ Entrinsik Data quality: how to avoid reporting on “bad” data

Businesses and organization around the world are collecting and analyzing growing amounts of data, leading to better decision making, greater transparency, and improved efficiency. The down side to all that data, though, is the fact that “bad” data gets in with all the rest, possibly skewing reporting and analysis results. There’s not many things worse than spending months, even years, collecting data and realizing that any insights you hoped to glean from analysis are shot – all because of that small percentage of flawed, incorrect, or just “bad” data.

Effective ecommerce shopping cart features and why you should have them

Posted on September 22nd 2015 by Nakita @ Entrinsik Effective ecommerce shopping cart features and why you should have them

Online shopping carts can be great things. They reduce manual workload, streamline the registration process for students, and provide a central hub for digital information about courses, professors, and facilities. But are you using yours effectively? Without some basic features, you may be losing business – and never even know.

Informer Housecleaning Tips

Posted on September 2nd 2015 by Nakita @ Entrinsik

by Tim Nicholson Informer, for the most part, requires very little maintenance.  But, just like your trusty vehicle, you still need to pay it some attention occasionally to ensure everything is in working order.  Here are a few things you...
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Are your enrollment confirmation emails being read? The do’s and don’ts of auto-emailing

Posted on August 31st 2015 by Nakita @ Entrinsik

Our registration software will enable you to setup and send out automatic confirmation emails when students enroll for classes, either online or in-house. But are those emails actually getting through? With the amount of emails being sent every day, spam filters are getting stricter, so well-meaning official emails like yours may end up in the junk folder or blocked completely more times than you know about. If they do get through the filters, how can you make sure they’re opened and read?

Pitfalls of Self-service reporting and how you can avoid them

Posted on August 25th 2015 by Nakita @ Entrinsik

Self-service software has become increasingly popular, particularly given the demands placed on staff at all levels of an organization. With reporting software like Informer, self-service capabilities are certainly an attainable goal. But what happens if you’ve implemented software that isn’t as user friendly as you thought? Or maybe it is, but your end-users get in just a little over their heads? These pitfalls are commonplace, but they can be avoided given you know what to look for.

Get instant visibility into your Audit Tables in SugarCRM

Posted on August 4th 2015 by Nakita @ Entrinsik

Delivered with pre-configured mappings and sample reports and dashboards (like the one above), the Informer / Sugar integration gives both technical and non-technical users secure instant visibility into key metrics from multiple perspectives.

TRID Changes and What it Means For Your Reports

Posted on July 29th 2015 by Nakita @ Entrinsik

by Tad Buck, Director of Informer Solutions, Entrinsik If you’re in the title insurance or mortgage business, you know that there are some big changes coming regarding client disclosure forms and how your business explains loan costs to customers. Essentially,...
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Meet the Staff Series: Brad Leupen, CTO

Posted on July 14th 2015 by Nakita @ Entrinsik

About the series: We’ve always known here at Entrinsik that we have a pretty awesome staff. With employees that have been around from the start 30 years ago to our most recent hires, we’re a big, diverse, efficient and fun...
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